How To Grill Teres Major

Teres Major comes from the shoulder. Because of where it’s positioned, it’s a muscle that’s not overused. The result? A tender steak. Many call it the ‘poor man’s filet’. It cooks up quickly and is best served cut into medallions. It’s not always easy to find but we almost always have it. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Here’s how to grill it.   …

21Dec, 21

The Tastes of The Season – Sampling Events, December 21-23

We love LOCAL! Swing by our Stuyvesant Plaza location to enjoy samples from other local businesses. Tuesday, December 21st 12pm – 2pm, Café Italia Marinara Tomato Sauce Café Italia Gift Sets 4pm – 6pm, Wolf Hollow District 6 IPA Midnight Dreary Black IPA Wednesday, December 22nd 12pm – 2pm, Jack’s Abby Red Tape Christmas Lager House Lager 2pm – 6pm, Rare Form Moxie Double IPA Troy Division IPA Confetti Mexican Lager Thursday, December 23rd 12pm – 3pm, Ric Orlando Ric Orlando Sauces & Spices 12pm – 3pm, Nine Pin Apple Pie Secco Original Ginger Cider 3pm – 6pm, Bull …

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Scalloped Potatoes: A Versatile & Delicious Side Dish!

This recipe is a favorite side dish for holiday meals, or really any day of the week! Instead of going with a boxed option, try Primal’s recipe for scalloped potatoes. You can pick up all of the ingredients you need for this recipe at either of our Primal Your Local Butcher locations. This side dish pairs very well with a wide variety of meats – including steak, chicken, pork and more! …


Make a Meal in Minutes, Primal Style!

We love using local products available right in our butcher shops to make quick, easy meals. Now that kids have gone back to school and are families are busy with lots of activities, fast meals that the whole family can love are a real game-changer! This recipe will take you less than 5 minutes to make! See the video below and then visit our Albany or Saratoga Springs store to get everything you need. …


New Steak Tip Flavor: Spicy Margarita

Grilling season is in full swing so what better time to introduce a new steak flavor? Introducing Spicy Margarita Steak Tips. And right out of the gate, these are proving to be a customer favorite! The flavor profile is smoky, a little sweet, with a touch of lime and a little habanero kick. Here’s our man, Andy, to tell you all about them AND how we infuse flavor in ALL our steak tips. After all, it’s our steak tips that put us on the map and once you try them, you’ll know why. Available in our shops or online . …

17Jan, 21

The Saratoga Garlic Story

Since we opened our doors in 2009, we have always carried a wide variety of products in our butcher shops. From time to time, we like to highlight these local businesses that we love. We recently had the opportunity to connect with Max Higgins, CEO of Saratoga Garlic. He was kind enough to provide us with a quick history of how his father, Bill, started the company that continues to thrive. Their garlic is sustainably grown on their 10-acre farm just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY. The garlic is used to make delicious garlic aioli. Grab a jar the next time you stop in! …


Crockpot Cabernet Short Ribs

With just a few ingredients you can make a delicious short rib dinner. And the best part? Your crockpot does ALL the heavy lifting. Follow Andy as he shares his recipe for these fall-off-the-bone short ribs. Pro tip: make a day ahead, so you can easily remove any extra fat. …

Primal employee wearing a mask20May, 20

Important Updates About COVID-19 Safety

A message from Kevin: To our customers, You may have noticed that meat prices are up and supply has been less reliable than in the past. At Primal, we are doing our best to manage and contain pricing. We continue to utilize our standard markup and pricing policies but have experienced price increases ourselves. Volatility with supply is another issue but we have been successful keeping the store stocked full. Meat is a commodity that is traded every day but is usually much more predictable and reliable. We usually see price increases in the summer and at holidays but this is unprecedented. We are p …

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