All the meat you need to make a delicious meal can be at the ready with a Freezer Filler from Primal. Our butchers hand-cut and select the meat that goes into each order, ensuring peak freshness and quality. Just thaw your desired portion whenever you’re ready to fire up your grill, oven or slow cooker.

Our Meat Packs and Freezer Fillers are a great way to enjoy a variety of delicious, quality meat. Perfect for meal planning! We hand-cut and vacuum seal your order in thick gauge plastic so your meat stays fresh. Enjoy when you receive your meat pack immediately or pack in your freezer.

We have a wide selection of meat packs and freezer fillers. These are our most popular. Visit our online shop for the complete selection which we change seasonally.


Low and Slow Meat Pack

3 lbs Pork Butt, 3 lbs Brisket, 1 Rack Baby Back Ribs

Set It & Forget It Meat Pack

3lbs Beef Short Ribs, 3lsb Sausage (hot or sweet), 3lbs Pork Butt, 3lbs Brisket

Family Pack

2lbs Bacon, 2lbs Pork Chops, 2lbs Chicken Breast, 2lbs Ground Beef (85%)

Tailgate Master

2lbs Steak Tips, 2lbs Riblets, 2lbs Sausage (hot or sweet), 2lbs Wings

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